Bullying Prevention Expert Interview of Carla Norde

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Bullying Prevention Expert Interview of Carla Norde

Hi folks!

We’re excited to announce the 4th Virtual Book Tour Stop of our Bullying Prevention tour. Today we have a very special bonus for you: an expert interview with Carla Norde, the author of Stand Up Against Bullying Like a Superhero.

Here are a few highlights from the interview:

  1. What motivated Carla to write about bullying
  2. How Carla came to write and publish a children’s book and how she found time to write
  3. The most important thing parents can do to educate their kids about bullying
  4. What kids can do to reduce bullying
  5. What the bullying pledge is and how it came about

Click here to listen to Gina Decker interviewing Carla on bullying prevention:


Don’t forget to download your free “Say No to Bullying” poster at www.livingstorybooks.com.


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