Do’s and Don’ts of Virtual Book Tours to Promote Social Causes

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Do’s and Don’ts of Virtual Book Tours to Promote Social Causes

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Welcome to the 5th Virtual Book Tour stop of the Bullying Prevention tour!

Today we visit the blog of Eunice Nisbett, who generously hosted our article:

Do’s and Don’ts of Virtual Book Tours to Promote Social Causes

Here’s an excerpt of the article below.

When I heard book-marketing expert, D’vorah Lansky, introduce the idea of a virtual book tour, I was intrigued. Previously, I had purchased a press release done-for-you service to market our bullying prevention books for children. The press releases went out to all kinds of news outlets across the country, yet no book sales came out of it. The press releases were a waste of money because they targeted the wrong audience. The bullying prevention books, Stand Up Against Bullying Like a Superhero by Carla A. Nordé and Be a Superhero By Saying No to Bullying by Gerald S. Nordé, Jr., target an urban audience, and the news outlets did not reach those markets. So, I purchased a list of 200 children’s book bloggers.

That brings me to Don’t #1: Don’t cold call or email bloggers you don’t know to ask them to host a guest article.

I hired to manage my virtual book tour, because I run a busy literacy nonprofit in Washington, D.C. called Do the Write Thing, and did not have time to contact potential hosts myself. However, once we started contacting potential guest bloggers on that list, we quickly found that nobody replied to our emails. Instead, we decided to run a Facebook ad that reached our target audience better.

Do #1: Analyze your target audience, and find creative ways to engage with them via Facebook ads.

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