Bullying Prevention Expert Interview of Carla Norde

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Bullying Prevention Expert Interview of Carla Norde

Hi folks!

We’re excited to announce the 4th Virtual Book Tour Stop of our Bullying Prevention tour. Today we have a very special bonus for you: an expert interview with Carla Norde, the author of Stand Up Against Bullying Like a Superhero.

Here are a few highlights from the interview:

  1. What motivated Carla to write about bullying
  2. How Carla came to write and publish a children’s book and how she found time to write
  3. The most important thing parents can do to educate their kids about bullying
  4. What kids can do to reduce bullying
  5. What the bullying pledge is and how it came about

Click here to listen to Gina Decker interviewing Carla on bullying prevention:


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The New Assault on Bullying: Kindness

Hi folks!

Today we’re proud to announce that we’ll be traveling to the blog of Peggy McAloon, author, artist and speaker. She has kindly agreed to host our third stop in the bullying prevention virtual book tour.

Click here to read the full article, coauthored by Carla Norde and Gerald Norde, Jr.: The New Assault on Bullying: Kindness

Here’s an excerpt below:

In many instances when human beings interact, there is a bullying culture where some individuals use force, coercion, abuse, aggressiveness, and threats to dominate others. The same issues occur among children and teaching them kindness is essential for reducing instances of bullying. As illustrated in books like “Stand Up Against Bullying,” various forms of bullying such as verbal, physical, social and cyber exist among children and demand remediation due to their mental, physical, and psychological implications on victims. Among the proposed strategies is teaching children to be kind to each other since it has proven an effective tool for reducing incidences of bullying.

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Bullying Has Become A Fact Of Life For Our Youth

Welcome to our Bullying Prevention Virtual Book Tour Stop #2! Today we travel to the blog of Dr. Amara Anne Onujiogu, who has generously hosted an article by Gerald Norde Jr. and Carla Norde: “Bullying Has Become A Fact Of Life For Our Youth.”

Here is an excerpt of the article:

Recent studies have shed light on the seriousness of bullying as a scourge among young people. Many adults see bullying as “just part of being a kid” and do not think it is a serious problem when it is.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that suicide is the third highest cause of death among young people in the United States and neighboring countries accounting for 4,400 deaths per year. More worrying is the fact that over 14 percent of high school students admit to contemplating suicide and about 7 percent admit to actually attempting it in the recent past. One of the biggest causal factors behind these worrisome figures is bullying. Youth are bullied for a variety of reasons, ranging from body size to sexuality and so much more. A recent study in the United Kingdom even found that half of all suicides in that part of the world among young people is as a result of bullying. This is extreme.

Click here to read more.


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